How Esther Can Bring New Life to Older Clothes.

Its perfectly normal to grow bored of your existing garments or to have inherited some vintage garments, Please, don’t throw them away! Firstly, it is terrible for our environment Secondly, what you have is a lot of potential to create something beautiful and most importantly a meaningful garment that you could cherish for a long time. We all spend our lives giving clothes a second life by revamping them. In my studio I don’t just adjust the measurements of your dresses and suits, but I also have some amazing skills at my disposal to help you extend the lifecycle of your garments.

You probably value your old clothes or even the ones that once belonged to a beloved family member much more. However they can go out of fashion or get a little bit damaged. I see a lot of clients who bring their old dresses and ask, how can I wear this now?

This is often quite an emotional one, and I am so proud to somehow contribute.

For example, I transformed some old shirts into a little summer dress by adding some ruffles and previously, completely revamped a lady’s vintage YSL dress that once belonged to her late grand mother.

If you are only looking for a small change, we can infuse a new spirit in your old dresses by sewing some embroidery or embellishments to your garments. We can add some sparkle to your collars, an edgy embroidered pattern to your dress or some beading to the cuffs of your sleeves.